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Here you’ll find the support you need to give birth to yourself (after you’ve birthed your kids) and finally break through what's preventing you from living the highest, most authentic expression of your life. 


A Soul-inspired life requires a constant rebirthing of ourselves.  That’s why most people don’t do it!  It’s hard and painful, like childbirth, but the rewards are powerful.

When you are birthing a baby there’s so much support available. Family and friends, doctors, midwives, doula’s, special yoga classes, nutrition classes, birthing classes, all to make sure you are at your best as the baby is growing and getting ready to come out into the world.  

But what about US?

As our kids get older, less and less is focused on us, the moms and our growth.  By the time our kids go to high school we are expected to have our lives figured out.  But we don’t. Why?? Cuz we’ve spent the last 15-20 years focused on everybody’s else’s needs! Right??  This is the time when we need support and guidance for ourselves the most!


I made this site for you if....

You’ve checked all the boxes.

Graduated High School

Went to College

Got a good job

Got Married

Had Kids 

You did all the things “THEY” said would make you happy...

And for some reason you’re still not. 

In fact you even feel more alone and without direction than at any other time in your life.

Maybe you’re about to launch your kids. Or maybe your marriage isn’t the partnership you dreamed it would be. Maybe your career has lost it’s charm and you don’t know what to do next. Or maybe your fantasy of parenting just doesn’t match up with the harsh reality...whatever you’re sitch, you feel frickin STUCK and you don’t know where to go to get UNSTUCK!!

This site exists to help you focus on YOU and your own birthing process. It takes skill and tools to learn how to navigate this process and this is what you will find here....along with a lot of love and support. 

It’s hard to find words to capture the magic of what’s possible when you do this internal work of birthing the highest version of you.

 Suffice it to say, not only do you benefit profoundly, but your kids, your future grandkids and everyone else you come into contact with.  I like to think of it as benefitting the next Seven Generations!

In fact, I believe the whole planet is waiting for you to take this step, right now...or you never would’ve found this site to begin with!

 I went through this process myself  (both birthing kids and birthing myself!) In fact, I continue to go through it as I continually uplevel my life. I’m no stranger to this process and along the way I’ve gotten help. I created these resources to include everything I wish I would have had and known as I went through the tough transitions in my own life. Birthing is so much easier when you aren’t alone. Having someone there telling you when to breathe, when to push and explaining what’s normal (and what’s not) as you go along, makes it so much easier!

Feel stuck? Feel like something is missing? Feel like you are here to do more? Just not feeling fulfilled? You are in the right place! Let’s get you where you want to BE!

I'm a Licensed Psychologist, a Certified EMDR Therapist, Energy Worker, Yoga Instructor, meditation teacher and a mom of two (sometimes four) teen boys, a dog, and two chickens. My mission is to help you give birth yourself after having kids, so you can heal what's blocking you from living the highest, most authentic expression of your life. 

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